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CNC Machining of Inconel Valve Component for the Oilfield Industry

Ed's Precision Manufacturing, LLC has earned a solid reputation for machining tight-tolerance parts, from difficult materials, that withstand the extreme environments found in the oil field industry. Manufacturing this valve component presented us with two challenges - we needed to fabricate the parts from the very difficult-to-machine superalloy Inconel 718, and we also needed to maintain full traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Working from customer supplied specifications, our engineering team developed and executed the CNC 4-axis turning and 4-axis milling operations required to fabricate both the larger, 4"O.D/2.75"I.D. piece and the smaller 3"O.D/2.5" I.D piece, free of deforming, and holding to the tight ±.001" tolerance requirement. Smoothed to a 16 finish, each of the components in this 500-unit order was inspected for quality and shipped, will full traceability documentation, to our customer in Louisiana.

Ed's Precision Manufacturing LLC continues to manufacture this valve component, in 300-500 unit orders, for our very satisfied customer.

CNC Machining of Inconel Valve Component for the Oilfield Industry[click to enlarge]
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CNC Machining of Inconel Valve Component Project Highlights

Product Description This Inconel valve component is used within a valve application. While manufacturing this component, we maintained full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Turning
  • Turn O.D.
  • Drill & Bore I.D.
  • Threading
CNC Milling
  • Mill Slots
Drilling & Tapping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part CNC Lathe / 2 Axis/ 4 Axis
CNC Mill / 4 Axis
Overall Part Dimensions
Image 1 (small)
O.D.: 3"
I.D.: 2.5"Image 2 (large)
O.D.: 4"
I.D.: 2.75"
Tightest Tolerances ±.001
Material Used Inconel 718
Max Material Finish 16 finish
Estimated Part Weight 8.5 - 10 lbs
Industry for Use Oil Field
Volume 300 to 500 Pieces Per Order
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing, specifications
Product Name Tight Tolerance Inconel Valve Components

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