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4-Axis CNC Milling of Alloy Steel Downhold Reamer for the Oil Field Industry

Demonstrating our skill at rapidly fabricating specialty prototype parts, Ed's Precision Manufacturing, LLC was contracted to manufacture this alloy steel downhole reamer. Required for a research and development project in the oil field industry, this one-of-a-kind part, with a 13" O.D., overall length of 20", and weight of over 180 lbs, was large, heavy, and required precision handling.

Supplied with a 3D CAD model with the latest technology in machining centers, our skilled machinists prepared the 3D CAD model needed to generate the programs for executing the complex 4-axis milling and turning operations required to create the intricate cutting edges along the body of the part and then finish to 120 Ra. In-process inspections verified that all features of this reamer held to the precise ± .001" tolerance required to meet the research project specification.

Alloy Steel Downhole Reamer[click to enlarge]
Alloy Steel Downhole Reamer

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4-Axis CNC Milling of Alloy Steel Downhole Reamer Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis alloy steel downhole reamer is used within an oil field application. This component was manufactured for research and development purposes and is one of a kind.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Turning
  • Turn O.D.
  • Drill & Bore I.D.
  • Threading
CNC Milling
  • Mill Slots
Drilling & Tapping
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCNC Lathe / 2 Axis/ 4 Axis
CNC Mill / 4 Axis
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 20.000"
O.D.: Ø13.000"
Tightest Tolerances± .001
Material UsedAlloy Steel
Max Material Finish64 Ra
Estimated Part Weight180 lbs
Industry for UseOil Field
Delivery LocationWorldwide
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing,
Product NameAlloy Steel Downhold Reamer

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